Aries Cosmetics was established in 1992. in the city of Varna. The company develops and manufactures its own hair and body cosmetics with trademarks "Aries Cosmetics", "Garance", "Pantenol", "ProCare", "Aloe Vera Unique", "Botolift", "Sun Guard", "Oscar".
Licensed cream-paste for heavily contaminated hands under the trademark "2x1" by Perladin GmbH Germany and owns the exclusive rights to sell this product in the countries of Eastern Europe.
The output corresponds to the consumer demand for cosmetics of European quality and design at prices lower than those of similar imported products.
"Aries Cosmetics" is a well-liked brand not only in Bulgaria, our products are well accepted in Norway, France, England, Spain, Turkey and Poland.
All products have the appropriate quality certificates. Specialists in the field of medicine, biotechnology, chemistry and cosmetics are involved in the development. The company use processed natural raw materials, imported directly from producers - leading companies in Germany, England, Italy, USA and Bulgaria.

Aries Cosmetics,