ISP Services

Layer 2 Services

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• Layer-2 point-to-point and point-to-multipoint connection between customer’s offices.
• MPLS traffic engineering and multi-service provisioning regarding to customer network needs.
• Fiber-optic or RLAN connection between Hashlink LTD's Network and customer’s offices with possible MAN or wireless backup of main route.
• QoS management and dynamic rate-limit and traffic prioritization regarding to specific customer network.
• Improve the customer network security with implementation of firewalls and encryption of data channel.
• Possibility for system integration and design of boutique customer solution with provisioning of CPE’s and support of the network.

Layer 3 Services

• Internetworking routing with different routing polices regarding to customer needs.
• High level of reliability of corporate Internet.
• Multiservice routing and policing based on customer needs and Fast customer support by Hashlink LTD.
• WEB based traffic monitoring system, for main QoS parameters of the service.
• End to end customer network solution with implementation and management of CPE’s.
• Backup and redundancy with usage of dynamic routing protocols.
• MPLS and VPLS services and multi network and application provisioning for customer needs.
• Special route policing and prioritization for critical applications.